What ifsomeone gave us permission to experience something like a child again - with wonder, curiosity, and joy? What things might we try if someone was standing by and encouraging us? Something utterly amazing transpires when we are allowed to experiment in a fun and encouraging environment. Arty-Parts teaches children young and old to play fearlessly in art! I walk you through a painting or drawing experience and help you try new things in different ways.

Arty-Parts is not about right or wrong, and it is not about creating a masterpiece. Its about the journeyfor we are all students of life. The more we try, the more we learn. The more we learn, the more fearless we become, and the more likely we will seek new challenges along the way.

Welcome to Arty-Parts!

-Donna Mills
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Donna Mills
PO Box 407
Graeagle, California 96103
Texting: ARTYPARTS to 72727
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