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Walker Church Consulting Group provides the tools for small to medium size churches to minimize their risk as they turn their building vision into a reality. This can be a very difficult feat, as attested by the findings of F.W. Dodge Corporation. This corporation is a reporting agency that provides construction information and intelligence solutions. F.W. Dodge cites that 60% of church building projects fail and 70% that make it to construction go over budget by 30% to 50%. Walker Consultants will guide the church leadership away from these pitfalls ensuring churches of a successful and enjoyable design/build experience. The building committee are typically the decision makers during the building project, however, most have little to no experience in design or construction. However, most design firms require the church to determine the size, scope, and budget for their project.

This is a critical step for every building project and is one of the main reasons why projects go over budget. The lack of skills in this area can render irreversible consequences. A building project that goes over budget is a consequence of not having laid a foundation before the Architect starts to draw. When the foundation is plumb, so will everything else that is built upon it be straight, level and true. Determining the size, scope, and budget for a building project is as critically important as laying a solid foundation for the building. Walker Consultants will lay this solid foundation by providing the tools that balance the ministry space, determines affordability and feasibility, separates wants from needs, and establishes confidence in the church leadership and among the members. Walker Consultants also provides the tools for churches to successfully raise money. It is common among all denominations that the need to expand always comes before the money. Walker Church Facility Growth Consultants also provides the communication tools that will unify the members of the church with a heartfelt sense of ownership in the building project. This is crucial for successfully raising financial support.
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Walker Church Consulting Group
Thomas Walker
200 S. Washington St. Ste 304
Crawfordsville, Indiana 47933 US
Texting: WCCG to 72727
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